Think About What Your Ex Needs in a Relationship

Think About What Your Ex Needs in a Relationship

In war the first casualty is truth. After a break up the first causality is often our ability to see things from our ex girlfriend’s or ex boyfriend’s point of view.

In a good relationship we are concerned about the feelings of our mate. We take his or her feelings into consideration in a hundred small ways every day, often not even being conscious that we are doing so.

This consideration for the feelings of our partner is the lubricant that keeps the relationship flexible and able to adjust to changes.

Do you know how your ex really feels?

List of what an ex lover needsAfter a break up, when trying to find a way to heal a relationship gone wrong, most people forget all about the wants, needs and feelings of their ex.

Their focus becomes exclusively on themselves, their misery, their needs. It’s a skewed thinking trap that will practically guarantee failure when trying to rebuild your relationship with your ex.

When you’re formulating a plan to get back together with your ex (see Books for complete strategies) be sure you are taking his or her needs into consideration. Do a self-inventory and accept that you will have to make changes to your behavior to get your ex back – to prove you deserve a second chance.