How to Say Sorry to Your Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend

How to Say Sorry to Your Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend

A critical step to getting an your ex back is to say sorry to your girlfriend or boyfriend. When I was a kid saying “sorry” was a magical thing – and easy. No matter what I’d done, if I just said “sorry”, even if I didn’t mean it, all was forgiven. It was a simpler time.

As an adult, saying sorry is not so simple. Just like when we were kids, we often say the words when we are not really sorry at all, hoping it’s enough, but find it’s not. Forgiveness is not so readily given.

Part of the reason for this is is that even if we really are very sorry for some stupid thing we’ve done our apology often comes across as insincere or even sarcastic.

How to Say SorryYou probably apologized to your ex girlfriend or boyfriend a thousand times. You left the lid off the tooth paste, “oh, sorry”. You left the toilet seat up, again, “oh, sorrrreee”!

So even though this time, after a break up, saying sorry to your ex girlfriend or boyfriend really means something your apology only makes your ex angry. He or she has heard it before.

How do you get around this one? How do you apologize to your girlfriend or boyfriend in a way that makes them understand that you really are sorry and really mean it. How do you get the forgiveness that you know your ex has to give?

If you are trying to correct a big mistake, a mistake that could mean losing your ex forever, someone that should not have been lost, you will almost certainly have to apologize – and get it right.

clean slate method

Wipe the slate clean … and start again

One way to get it right is to use the Clean Slate Method, one of the unique techniques contained in T.W. “T Dub” Jackson’s Magic of Making Up, his best-selling complete strategy to get an ex back.

Now don’t be thinking this is a miracle, it isn’t. But the Clean Slate Method is a super-effective technique that shows you how to say “I’m sorry!” to your boyfriend or girlfriend in a way that they will not be able to pass off as just another meaningless apology.

If you want your ex girlfriend or boyfriend to understand that this time you really do mean it, when you say “I’m sorry,” it’s a technique worth knowing. You can learn more about about the Clean Slate Method and other unique tactics for getting your ex back at T Dub’s Magic of Making Up website, or read our review.