Arguing Will Not Win Your Ex Back

Arguing Will Not Win Your Ex Back

Did you and your ex ever argue? Before the break up I mean.

Unless you are both angels, or completely inert, you had arguments with your ex. And I’m willing to bet that most of the time, probably all of the time neither of you could say that you “won” the argument.

It’s rare when two people argue for one of them to “win” if you define “win” as one person finally saying “Ok, you’re right, I concede and will now change my point of view and think about this matter in the same way that you think about it.”

This just doesn’t happen. Usually arguments just peter out. The arguers get tired of the whole issue and just let it drop. Or someone gets mad and slams a door on the way out.

And that’s why it is pointless and counter-productive to try to argue your ex into getting back together.

No one is all right … or all wrong

boxing glovesNo matter how logical and sensible you believe your point of view to be your ex will still believe that his or her point of view is even more logical and more sensible. All you will accomplish by trying to argue your ex into reunion is to stir up more bad feelings, which is the last thing you want to do.

Getting your ex back is a process and arguing with your ex isn’t part of it. If you are really serious about the question of how do I get my ex back forget about arguments and confrontation that really will not help you at all.

Instead relax, get all the essential tips to get your ex back you can and check out downloadable books on how to get your ex back for a complete step-by-step strategy to win back your ex.

By Molly Laws