Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Positive Signs

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Positive Signs

If you’re looking for signs your ex wants you back, be careful. There are some pretty solid signs that your ex wants to get back together – signs you can believe in. There are also many unreliable signs that they want you back – signs of wishful thinking more than anything else.

Daisy with loves me on a petalIf there’s one thing for sure, it’s confusing. Does your ex want you back or not?

Here are some of the positive signs that your ex wants you back. The more that apply, the more certain you can be that your ex wants to get back together.

Positive signs your ex wants you back:

  • Your ex has kept the lines of communication open and reminds you that they are open.
  • Your ex has initiated contact on more than one occasion.
  • They have contacted you for no particular reason. (Signs your ex wants and needs to maintain contact.)
  • They have contacted you about things that have happened to them and how they felt about them. (This is one of the strongest signs an ex wants you back. It’s a sign that you’re still the person they feel understands them best.)
  • They have called to ask your advice. (Signs your ex needs to share as if you were still a team – partners – and a good sign that they still respect you.)
  • Your ex always seems to be where you are. (To a point this may be inevitable but if it’s happening too often to be a coincidence, it’s a good sign it means something more!)
  • They are nervous and flustered when you meet. However…
  • They are not anxious to get away and seem to look for excuses to prolong your meeting.
  • Your ex has told you about or invited you to situations that bring you together.
  • Your ex has not formed any new relationships and, just in case you don’t get it…
  • Your ex has made it clear (themselves or through friends) that they are not interested in new relationships.
  • They (or their friends) have been sounding you (or your friends) out on whether you would be interested in getting back together. (One of the clearest signs your ex wants you back but they want to check out how you feel before making a move.)
  • There are signs your ex is trying to impress you, with a new look, new achievements, etc.
  • They have mentioned efforts they have made or are making to be a better person. (This is a good sign your ex regrets the break up and is worried you’ve been thinking about their faults – and deciding you’re better off without them! If you were the one who decided to break up and regret it, it’s a good sign that you can still get back together.)
  • Your ex has changed something about themselves that you always hated. )This says loud and clear that they want to be liked – that they now want you back.)

Hopefully you have checked “yes” to many of these positive signs that your ex wants you back. If not and your break up was recent, don’t lose hope. It may be too early to tell. You can bookmark this page and revisit it later, when there may be more positive signs your ex wants you back.

“It really is possible to get your ex back… even if your situation seems hopeless!” T.W. (T Dub) Jackson, author of The Magic of Making Up – the complete step-by-step strategy to get an ex back.

Remember, whether you see any signs your ex wants you back will depend largely on you – your actions and behavior. If you do the right things (and avoid the wrong things) from this point on, you will.

So, don’t linger on tenterhooks waiting for signs. Find out what the “right things” are – what exactly you need to do to make your ex want you back.

First, be confident that it is possible to get your ex back. Then:

In other words take action to make sure you see signs your ex wants you back!

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