Clean Slate Method – A “Magic” Way to Say Sorry

To get your ex back, at some point you must say sorry to your ex – apologize to your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend for whatever led them to break up with you.

Chalkboard showing a clean slate methodIdeally, your apology will work magic – it will wipe the slate clean and get you a second chance with your ex.

But saying sorry to an ex for relationship-busting faults or mistakes is not as simple as saying sorry for spilling coffee on their favorite sweater. A poor apology could ruin your chances of getting back together with your ex.

This is a critical reality that T.W. (“T Dub”) Jackson addresses head on with his Clean Slate Method, part of his bestselling system to get an ex back, The Magic of Making Up.

T Dub’s seven-page Clean Slate Method is a technique – a formula – to make sure you get it right when you say sorry to your ex.

It shows you exactly how to craft an effective apology. Or as he says himself, “turn back time and wipe the slate clean.”

Like many of the most useful things in life, the Clean Slate technique is not complicated or difficult to follow. Simply grasp the concept and commit the simple formula to memory.

T Dub provides realistic examples throughout, of how not to apologize (common but fatal mistakes) as well examples of the Clean Slate technique in action.

“There are no impossible situations… you can get your ex back!” T.W. Jackson, author of The Magic of Making Up.

Whatever you did wrong, you need to get your apology right and the Clean Slate technique shows you how. If you have cheated, used together with one other technique in the Magic of Making Up it will get your ex to forgive you in the shortest possible time.

Although the Clean Slate Method is not available separately, you will hardly lose by having access to T Dub’s entire system.

The Magic of Making Up contains realistic, sometimes controversial but effective techniques to meet all the challenges of getting an ex back, step by step.

See our Magic of Making Up Review for more details.

The Magic of Making Up is available to download instantly and backed by a 60-day “no questions asked” 100% money-back guarantee – try it risk free!

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