Is it Really Possible to Get Your Ex Back?

After a break up, it’s difficult to imagine it is possible to get your ex back. You may think mistakes you’ve made or basic differences in behavior and personality are permanent obstacles to getting back together with your ex. That it simply isn’t possible that you will be together again.

Question marks representing the big question of if it is possible to get your ex back.You need to think again.

However hopeless your situation seems, it really is possible to get your ex back.

A good first step to believing this is to try to think beyond you and your ex.

Millions of other people have broken up, felt just like you do and found it was possible to get their ex back.

And for many (if not most) the obstacles they faced – the reasons for the break up – will have been the same if not far worse than yours.

For instance, people manage to get their ex back after cheating, committing serious crimes, persistent substance abuse, destructive jealousy, violence or other abusive behaviors, or simply changing beyond recognition from the person they once were.

However serious their “relationship crimes”, they get their ex back.

In other words, as T.W (T Dub) Jackson, author of The Magic of Making Up says,

There are no impossible situations. However hopeless your situation seems and even if you are the only one willing to try, it is possible to get your ex back.

I believe this is a constructive start, and a necessary one, to actually making it happen. It’s not fluffy “positive thinking.” It’s a fact that you have every chance of getting back together with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. The only obstacle to making it happen is you – whether you make the most of those chances, or blow them.

This is where complete strategies like T-Dub’s “Magic”, one of the best books for getting your ex back, can help. They show you how to work your chances with your ex, and avoid fatal mistakes. But first of all you need to do yourself a favor, pull yourself out of the doldrums and believe that it really is possible to get him or her back. Because it is.

Molly Laws