Do You Really Need to Give Your Ex Space?

Well it is important to do. Think about it, no one likes to be prodded and polked at at the best of times and right now your ex is probably feeling pretty emotionally mixed up. By insisting on communicating right now you could make everything worse than it already is.

Of course giving your ex time and space is difficult!

woman walking aloneYou are probably itching to call, meet and talk. Maybe you find it impossible to keep your distance and use any excuse to text or call your ex.

Stand back!

Exercise some self control and give your ex space. Your incentive? If you don’t there is a good chance you will ruin your chances of getting back with your ex.

When an ex says they want space, they likely really mean it

Maybe it’s an excuse to break up – they’re not ready to be committed. Maybe your ex genuinely needs space and time to think about where they are in life and work out what really matters to them, your relationship included.

Whatever their reason – and whatever they think they have to gain by your break up – they may realize that the grass is not greener. That life without you is not, after all, better than life with you. That they have lost something – or rather someone – very important. You!

This cannot (and will not) happen if your ex has not lost you at all – if you are always calling, texting or “happening” to be where they are, and obviously ready to get back together at the drop of a hat.

At best they will take you for granted. If they can have you back anytime why not make the most of being single? At worst, they will be angry that you won’t give them space, avoid you and perhaps try make a point by jumping into a new relationship – anyone will do so long as it gets you “off their back.”

For your ex to miss you and regret your break up, they need to have a true taste of life without you. In other words, space, whether or not they have specifically asked for it. This means no calls, no texts, no “accidental” meetings.

If you do what you should do – wear a smile and get on with your life – your ex will hear positive things about you. How you look great, seem to be happy and moving on. Perhaps they will see it themselves if you genuinely happen to meet, in which case smile – no need to be unfriendly – and get on with whatever you are doing.

When you look your best, act your best and your ex gets to hear about it, they will think and remember good things about you – a good step in the right direction.

Keep your nerve. If your relationship had any value at all, your ex will think about you – how you are really feeling, what you are doing and what your plans are. At the same time, they will realize they no longer have the right to know any of these things – you are not a couple anymore.

What’s more, they will realize you are not waiting in the wings ready to get back into center stage of their life. You are a separate person busy playing center stage in your own life. Not only have they lost you, there’s a good chance they could lose you forever.

One way or another, at some time or another, how they feel about this will hit home. And it’s then you can expect a call. So, stay friendly, keep smiling, but give your ex space.

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