Women: Do Dating Right

Hello All

This note is really only for women but guys you can read it too. You might learn something.

Sometimes getting back together with your ex boyfriend just doesn’t work out. And sometimes that is for the best. I know, I know if you have recently broken up with your guy, like in the last six months, it seems impossible that it could be for the best but life goes on, you tried your darndest, you have to keep moving or you’ll gather flies.

So if you’ve been in a serious relationship that failed it can be very difficult to get back into the dating scene.

I know this was true for me.

I had this problem a few years back after breaking up with a man I thought was the “one”. It turned out he really wasn’t and the breakup was really the best thing that could have happened.

But getting back into dating was very tough. In the first place there are just too many, how shall I put it, unsuitable men out there.

There are plenty of creeps. Guys who will do and say absolutely anything if it leads to you getting your kit off.

There are plenty of wimps. Guys who fall in love with every woman they meet and get all doe-eyed and weepy if you say anything they think might be a criticism. Yuck!

But really there are also lots of great guys available. Men who know how to be men without being an arrogant jerk or a sneaky weasel. (I don’t mean to bad-mouth weasels, they’re actually very cool animals.)

But after my breakup I couldn’t seem to meet anyone I really liked. And I knew it was my own fault.

I was too shy about approaching interesting guys. When someone interesting approached me I would either start comparing him to my ex or get all tongue-tied and make myself feel foolish.

I wasn’t having much fun on the dating scene.

If you are now dating again after the end of a serious relationship you may well be having some of the same problems that I had. If so then I have some help for you.

First off you should try online dating. I think it’s great. It solves so many problems and gives you the ability to meet far more guys than you ever could by just going to bars or whatever. In a lot of ways it’s a numbers game. Meet enough guys, online or in person, and sooner or later you’ll hit a man that takes your breathe away.

Online dating can be a bit complicated and even a bit dangerous. So start off right. The first place you should check is a site belonging to my pal and business partner Molly Laws, a star of a person and she also writes for Get Your Lover Back. She has an extensive site with lots of information on how to pick an online dating service, choosing online dating names, how to write profiles, how to be safe when meeting someone in person and lots more. All of this is completely free.

Now the other thing you may well need to do, like I had to do, is to change your attitude toward dating, and maybe towards men, too.

After “That Guy” and I broke up I had a miserable time trying to talk to other guys. I’m not sure why. It’s like I had him stuck in my head and couldn’t get rid of him.

My confidence was shot too. I really thought me and “That Guy” would make it in the long term and we didn’t so why would it work with anyone else? It was that sort of crazy thinking.

But my friend Amy changed all that for me. After getting her advice a whole new world of dating opened up for me. Honestly, it was a transformation. A Pupa to Butterfly sort of thing.

I plan on writing more about Amy in the future but you can get some great advice from her on changing your attitude toward dating, men and yourself right now.