Video: T Dub Jackson’s Controversial First Step to Get an Ex Back

Want to know what your first step to get an back should be? In this “Opening Move” video, T.W. (T Dub) Jackson, creator of the best-selling Magic of Making Up ebook on how to to get an ex back, introduces his recommended first step after a break up.

As a heads up, T Dub’s “Magic” plan to get an ex back (you can read my review here) is well-known for some pretty controversial strategies. And his “Opening Move” tactic is no exception.

In a nutshell, his recommended first step to get an ex back is to accept the break up – and accept it in writing. This may be really hard to accept as a strategy that works, so it’s a good thing that T Dub’s put together this video. When you watch the video, it makes more sense.

That said, it’s a tactic to be used with caution – and not one that everyone agrees with.

Personally, I can see its potential but a big part of succeeding with any of the steps to get an ex back is to make sure you take an approach that you’re comfortable with.

That said, there’s no doubt that T Dub’s complete plan works well for a whole lot of people – it’s a long-time bestseller (and one of our recommended books on how to get an ex back). His first step video is a good way to sample his approach and see if it suits you too.

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