How to Know if Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

When you want your girlfriend back the big question is, how to know if your ex girlfriend wants you back too? Here at Get Your Lover Back you can check out the articles in our Signs Your Ex Still Loves You section, to help you figure out if she still cares.

pink maskThese include positive signs your ex wants you back as well as misleading signs that may not be as good as they seem.

Be sure to check them both out.

After all, half the reason you want to know if your girlfriend wants you back too is to protect yourself from hurt and humiliation, right?

But before you get reading, a few words of advice…

Keep an Open Mind, Stay Positive

Don’t get too hung up on whether there are, or are not, any encouraging signs your girlfriend wants you back.

It may simply be too early to tell, or the way she feels today may be quite different tomorrow.

Be Patient

The fact is, there’s a very good chance that even your ex girlfriend doesn’t know if she wants you back. And it could be a long while before she does.

Women make decisions very differently from men. They dig deep into their emotions, consider every angle and possibility, and generally test drive various decisions to see which feels best. All this takes time, and it also explains why women have a reputation for changing their minds.

The good news for you is that nil or negative signals at this stage may turn positive later. (And it’s your job to make sure that they do.)

Don’t Hold Back – Make Sure Your Girlfriend Wants You Back!

It’s understandable that you want to be sure your girlfriend wants you back before you make a move. You’ve got an ego to protect.

But, in the meantime, your inaction is not exactly going to help swing things in your favor.

As all the best ex back ebooks will show you, it’s totally possible to make rejection a non-issue by making sure your girlfriend wants you back.

There are many things you can do to feed “positive data” into her decision making process.

So, the question is not so much, “how to know if your ex girlfriend wants you back,” but, “what can I do to make sure she wants me back!”

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