Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back With Romance: Part II

In Part I, I gave you five romantic ways of getting your girlfriend back – of using romance to sweep her off her feet.

heart balloon graphic for romantic ideas part IIAs promised here are five more romantic tips to use in your quest to win her back.

Please remember, only use these tips if you and your ex girlfriend are still quite close and on speaking terms. If you are not close and not speaking trying to romance her will only make the situation worse. (Often, an ex needs space – not giving it will harm your chances of getting them back.)

And so, on with five more romantic ways of getting your girlfriend back.

6. Send Her a Message In a Bottle

Write a lovely romantic letter to your ex girlfriend on parchment paper. Roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a ribbon. Get a clear plastic bottle, slip your letter inside, tape her address on the bottle and mail it to her. Yup, the USPS will take it.

7. Get Extravagant With Flowers

Send your ex a really luscious bouquet. I’m not talking about a dozen roses here, that’s a real “been there done that” sort of thing anyway. I’m talking about a big, beautiful, bouquet, one that sets you back at least a hundred dollars.

Send it to her at her work if possible so all her friends will see it. If she works in a place where that isn’t practical, then send it to her at home at a time when you’re sure she’ll be there.

Don’t get all gushy with the card. Keep your message simple. Something like “Thinking of You” will do just fine.

8. Take Her Out For a Not-So-Casual Lunch

Ask your ex out for a casual lunch. Why not? You’re still friends right? Have a basket packed with an extravagant picnic lunch, complete with chilled wine and caviar, ready in the trunk of your car. Take her to the most beautiful and romantic spot available to you.

9. Sweep Her Off Her Feet and Into the Clouds

This one can be a bit difficult to arrange, but it’s a great way of getting your ex girlfriend back. Take her for a surprise hot air balloon ride.

Hot air balloons usually launch early in the morning so you will have to ask your ex girlfriend out for breakfast. Make sure there is a bottle of chilled champagne ready at the end of the flight. Very romantic if you can pull it off.

10. Write Her a Poem

Poetry is as romantic as it gets. Write her a long loving poem that talks about all her wonderful qualities. Can’t write poetry? Do a search for love poems, find one you like and write it again in your own words line by line. Make sure you are thinking of your ex girlfriend’s likes, dislikes and qualities while you write. Once you have the rhythm going it’s pretty easy to do.

Remember not to get over sentimental or mushy and absolutely do not beg. Be fun! Make her laugh. That’s the way to get your ex back.

Don’t forget, these tips will only have a chance of working if you and your ex are still friends. If she is very angry with you, if she has made it clear that she doesn’t want to talk to you, then don’t push it. I’m not saying the situation is hopeless – you have every chance of getting your girlfriend back – but the time is not right for fun and romance.

On the other hand, if you and your ex girlfriend are still friends – if you talk on the phone, text each other, confide in each other, if there is still a spark between you – these 10 romantic ways of getting your ex girlfriend back may be just what you need to rebuild the fire between you.

If you’d like way more romantic ideas, Michael Webb’s “Getting Her Back for Good” includes “101 Romantic Ideas”.

For more details, read our Review or skip to his website (opens in a new window).