4 First Steps to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

After a break up, knowing where to start – the first steps to take to get your girlfriend back – is difficult. Logical thinking is pretty much pushed aside by the pain, confusion and sometimes sheer panic of losing your girlfriend, possibly forever.

Four steps rising up to a gold ball.On the one hand you want to do something to get her back but on the other, you just can’t think straight enough to figure out what that something should be! Then too, there’s the danger of doing the wrong thing and making things worse.

The good news is that there are four simple, effective and risk-free ways to move forward in the right direction.

So without further ado here are the first steps to get your girlfriend back:

Step One: Relax!

One of the critical first steps to get your ex girlfriend back is to switch out of panic mode. Take a deep breath and assure yourself of two things:

  • First, it really is possible to get your ex girlfriend back. This is not “pep talk” but a fact. Whatever you have done to cause the break up, you can win her back. This is something that TW (“T Dub”) Jackson (author of The Magic of Making Up) and other experts consistently ram home – “there are no impossible situations.”
  • Secondly, you’ve got time. Whatever is going on in your ex girlfriend’s head, it is unfolding more slowly than whatever is going on in yours. This has nothing to do with her intellect, just the fact that women think differently from men. After all, 99.9% of men are driven crazy by how long it takes their girlfriend to make a “simple decision” – before changing their minds! Bear this in mind and it’s easy to reassure yourself that she’s not going to reach a firm decision about you and your break up any time soon!

Step Two: Be Desirable to Your Girlfriend

The overall name of the game in these early days is to make your girlfriend think positively about you without invading her space. Or at the very least, less negatively! You may not have an actual plan for getting her back yet but from day one you need to be someone she will want to get back with. To up your desirability score you need to do four things:

  • Get a grip. Women find a range of emotions in a man very attractive. For instance, George Clooney and Johnny Depp types  who are strong but not ashamed to be soft, too. But extremes – blubbering wrecks or stalkers – are a complete turn off. You may think that this kind of behavior and looking miserable day in day out shows you love her but she’ll be thinking, “Loser.”
  • Stand back and give your ex girlfriend space. This difficult but essential part of getting an ex back is especially important with ex girlfriends because of their more complex thought processes. Don’t worry that keeping your distance will make her think you don’t care – she knows you better than that. How does this make you more desirable? She’ll know how hard it is for you to hold back – something that will earn you respect and bank you big Brownie points.
  • Look your best. Your ex girlfriend may not see you but her friends will, and you can believe they’ll be reporting back every detail of how you look and how you seem. Give them positive things to report back – things she can respect, admire, and miss. Looking your best is also another way to show that you’re maintaining some kind of control, rather than falling to pieces.
  • Behave your best. Again, you want your girlfriend to hear positive things about you. These will not include flirting with or even dating other women, or saying things you don;t really mean, such as how great it is to be single again. Behavior like this may seem like a great idea – to make her jealous – but it will backfire, big time.

Step Three: Get Thinking

Getting your ex girlfriend back means getting to grips with what went wrong. There is no way that your girlfriend will give you a second chance unless she believes that you understand what you need to do differently. So, at the same time as you’re giving her space get thinking about faults and mistakes you’ve made, so that you can prove you deserve a second chance. If there’s one thing women want, it’s to feel understood, so be honest and try to see things from her perspective.

Think too about your good points. Many of these may have taken a back seat recently, including things that attracted her to you in the first place. Think about what changed. In what ways did you become a different person?

Step Four: Stay Positive, Get Good Advice

Remember, it IS possible to get your girlfriend back and positive thinking is a big asset to making it happen. But it’s also possible to ruin your chances by doing that one small thing wrong that leads to disaster!

To steer clear of mistakes, browse around and soak up all the tips and advice you can on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

You can also check out the best books (ebooks) to get an ex back – complete strategies covering all the steps to getting your ex girlfriend back. (They all have “no questions” 60-day money-back guarantees, so you can them lout risk-free.)

In summary, the overall purpose of these first steps is to make the right impression on your girlfriend without being intrusive. To slowly but surely get her thinking about you in a way that puts you on the right path to getting her back. And to do this, you need to think carefully about yourself and how you can be the man she loved, the man she wants – and the man she wants back in her life!

Steps to Get Your Girlfriend Back – an article by Molly Laws, exclusive to this site!
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