Chances of Getting Your Girlfriend Back

After a break up it’s natural to want to know what your ex girlfriend is thinking about you, your relationship and the future. In other words, what exactly are your chances of getting your girlfriend back?

dice with good poor and zeroDoes she regret the break up or does she feel it was the right thing to do? Or is she feeling comfortable that ending your relationship was the right thing to do?

Although it’s understandable that you want to know what your girlfriend is thinking and if there’s any chance at all of getting back together, it’s not very realistic.

It assumes there is something definite to know – that your ex girlfriend has made up her mind one way or the other about your chances of getting back together.

Even if it has been weeks or months since your break up, it is unlikely her feelings are as black and white as you think they are.

This is because women reach decisions and move on in life quite differently from men. In a nutshell, they take their time – and lots of it – tuning into their heart and “trying on” various decisions to see how comfortably they fit. And the the more important a decision is – such as a decision about the future – the longer this takes.

So what about your chances of getting her back?

The fact that women think differently – “experimentally” and more slowly – is good news. It means that even if your chances of getting your girlfriend back seem to be slim to zero, this isn’t written in stone.

There’s every chance that your girlfriend’s thoughts about the possibility of getting back together will change as she gradually works through her feelings – and as the reality of being apart sinks in.

The down side is that it will probably be some time before you see any actual signs your ex wants you back too – assuming she ultimately decides in your favour.

The good news is, you don’t have to live in emotional limbo land, waiting and wondering if she will.

You can believe right now that you have every chance of getting her back.

This is because you have time on your side. Time to do what it takes to influence her thoughts and feelings in your favor and make sure your girlfriend wants you back.

Taking Action to Maximize Your Chances

You can start swing things in your favor even if you have no contact at all with your ex girlfriend.

For instance, one of the first steps to getting her back is giving her space. You may be sick and tired of hearing how important this is this but it’s a make-or-break deal when it comes to ex girlfriends. Women resent feeling rushed or pressured during their nitty-gritty decision making process.

This is why all the first steps to getting a girlfriend back are designed to influence her thoughts from a distance.

A side benefit of this long-distance approach is that it’s risk free in terms of rejection! Many guys are so afraid of rejection that they don’t do anything at all to boost their chances. With these long-distance strategies you can get things moving in the right direction, risk free. On the other hand, move in too close too soon and she’ll most likely reject you “just because”.

Of course the whole process is easier and more likely to succeed when you have a complete step-by-step plan to follow. These range from plans especially for guys, such as Michael Webb’s Getting Her Back for Good, as well as topsellers such as The Magic Making Up which include advice especially for men. You’ll find reviews of these plans (and more) in our best ex back ebooks section.

Most of all, remain 100% positive about your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back. As TW (“T Dub”) Jackson, author of The Magic of Making Up says, “there are no impossible situations.”

So, feel confident that you can get your ex girlfriend back – and focus on how to make it happen!

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