How to Attract Your Ex Boyfriend Back

You’ve had a break up and want to know what you can do to attract your ex boyfriend back. Well, you will need to a lot of things (and to stay on track it helps to have a step-by-step plan).

But whatever you do, none of it will work unless you are actually attractive to you your ex! So, the most obvious answer to the question of how to attract your ex back is – be attractive!

The next question is, what is attractive to your ex boyfriend?

You more than anyone should know.

Think back to the person you were when you met. What do you think were your most appealing qualities? Changes in a girlfriend’s looks, personality and behavior are often mentioned as one of the reasons why boyfriends break up. There’s a good chance that your boyfriend didn’t break up with you – he broke up with the person you became.

So, recapturing and reviving all the things your ex-boyfriend loved about you tops the list of how to attract your ex-boyfriend back.

Next, there are qualities that men in general admire and find attractive and appealing. Work on these too – and start now.

Sure, you may not be with your ex-boyfriend and if you are doing the right thing – giving him space – you probably never even see him. But there’s a good chance he’s getting feedback on how you are, making it well worth making the effort to make sure what he hears is all good.

Besides, polishing up your personal qualities – the ones that attracted your ex boyfriend in the first place – is all good practice for when you finally meet to talk. That will be a critical step towards getting back together with your ex boyfriend. An attractive, irresistible you will be a great incentive for him to decide it’s what he wants too.

Remember, being confident, attractive and cheerful is not going to make your ex boyfriend think you don’t care. For one thing, men don’t like emotional and needy behaviour. For another, he knows you and will admire your strength – and the fact that he hears you never looked better! He may even start to wonder, sooner rather than later, if someone else will get to you before he does!