The Best Advice to Help You Get Your Ex Back

From Molly and Caroline

We are often asked by publishers to recommend books on this site. We rarely oblige.

If a book does not offer a real, thought out, workable plan to get your ex back it does not show up on here.

So, here are the books we recommend, and why we recommend them.

The Magic of Making Up … Why is it on our site?

Magic is the best selling book of its kind for a few reasons. First it offers a real, doable step-by-step plan that works in most situations.

Beyond that, Magic deals with specifics. What to do in this situation, how to handle that problem. It gets down to the real problems you’ll face in getting your ex back. It’s very good.

Go to our Full Review or to The Magic of Making Up to know more.

Win Back Love … Why is it on our site?

WBL deals with complexities. Yes it has a complete plan for getting back together with your ex, but it is aimed at people who were in a committed relationship, people who were together for several years, people with kids, people with shared commitments.

WBL is very in-depth. If you were in a committed relationship that went wrong, look closely at WBL

Go to our Full Review or to Win Back Love to know more.

2nd Chance for Men and 2nd Chance for Women … Why are they on our site?

2nd Chance is unique. It gives you a six-step-plan for getting back together with the one you’ve lost. And it also provides real help for men who have lost a woman and for women who have lost a man.

The authors of 2nd Chance recognize that the issues are not the same for men and women.

Go to our Full Review or to 2nd Chance for Men or 2nd Chance for Women to know more.

Please Know This!

The payment processing company guarantees these books for 60 days! If you buy any one of these books and it doesn’t help you to get back with your ex you do NOT have to contact the author or this site to get a refund.

This means you can try any of these books completely risk free.

So if you want your ex back, choose carefully, but know that will not be out of pocket if the book doesn’t work for you.

Molly and Caroline