How to Make Contact With Your Ex

How to Make Contact With Your Ex

At some point on the journey to get your ex back you will need to have contact with your ex. That contact will need to be positive and move things in the right direction. The danger is, it’s all to easy to get it wrong when contacting your ex. The wrong time, the wrong way, the wrong words…

The articles below focus on how to make contact with your ex, and how to make it boost rather than ruin your chances of getting back with your ex!

Does No Contact Work to Get Your Ex Back?
Find out if no contact with your ex really works to get your ex back

Open Lines of Communication With Your Ex
How to keep the lines of communication open, giving your ex the freedom to contact you.

When Should You Contact Your Ex?
Advice on when you should contact your ex and how choosing the right time ensures a positive outcome.

Meeting With Your Ex
Advice to help you prepare for and have a positive meeting with your ex.