Can I Get My Ex Back After Cheating?

If you cheated and want your ex back, the big question is, Can I get my ex back after cheating? Can I somehow convince my ex to forgive me and give me a second chance?

The short answer is yes, you can – it is possible to get your ex back after cheating.

Couple upset by cheating.Although cheating is one of the worst “relationship crimes” many couples do survive and do get back together after cheating.

What’s more, most of us know of cases, personally or in the media, where a cheating ex did not even deserve a second chance (let alone a third or fourth) but got one all the same.

Yep, even serial cheats or first-time cheats with few redeeming qualities (most likely serial cheats in the making) and little in the way of genuine remorse somehow manage to get their ex back.

It’s not a good thing that those who should be kicked to the curb get more than they deserve. But for you, it is!

Think about it. If even totally undeserving cheats can get a second chance, there’s a very good chance for anyone (and I’m assuming this includes you!) who genuinely deserves one. Certainly you deserve and are more likely to win a fair hearing at least – a big first step toward getting your ex back.

Why Do You Deserve to Get Your Ex Back After Cheating?

When you’ve made a terrible mistake it can be tempting to accept the consequences even though you desperately want to turn back the clock, and be with your ex again.

It’s important to stay focused on repairing the situation rather than giving up. And an important part of this is to really believe that you really do deserve a second chance. Your belief and your determination will make a strong impression on your ex.

So why exactly do you deserve a second chance after cheating?

Well for one thing you have all the right feelings – a deep sense of loss, pain, self-hate and regret. These feelings are indicators that you are not a serial cheat but someone who did something really stupid – you made a terrible mistake. Your genuine regret and other emotions will show through and give credibility to what you say to your ex, giving you a vital edge in getting them back.

For another, despite making the mistake of your life by cheating, you are a worthwhile person with qualities that your ex has loved. You have done something really bad but the big picture of who you are is good. This is something that your ex will be aware of, once their initial emotions settle down.

What Next – How Do You Get Your Ex Back?

It probably goes without saying that getting an ex back after you’ve cheated won’t be a walk in the park.

For one thing, it will take longer than it would if you had broken up for the “usual” reasons.

For another, “how to get an ex back” and “how to get an ex back after cheating” are not quite the same thing! Some of the usual “do’s and don’ts” are more important than they would usually be when trying to get an an ex back.

For instance, it’s always important to give an ex space but absolutely essential when you have cheated. And while there are genuine excuses that can be made for certain faults and errors, excuses will not win your ex back after cheating – they will backfire.

Most of all, you can’t afford to put a foot wrong!

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to check out the best ebooks on how to get an ex back. These give you complete step-by-step plans to make it happen, and will steer you clear of nasty mistakes that will blow your chances. Break ups following cheating are typically far more emotionally charged – more likely to lead to behavior that only makes things worse.

One of the side benefits of getting a plan, or “ex back roadmap”, is that it will help you feel more positive about the future, and feeling positive is important.

Stay focused on the fact that you do deserve a second chance, and that if you do the right things you really can get your ex back after cheating.

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