Getting Back With a Cheating Ex – Get Balanced Advice

If you are looking for advice about getting back with a cheating ex, you will come across many articles that scream, “NEVER EVER get back together with a cheating ex.”

Set of scales with question marks on each side.This hard-line “advice” smacks of lingering bitterness and resentment about the writer’s own experiences of a cheating ex. They have not been able to forgive but neither have they been able to forget.

They feel that all lovers who cheat should be kicked to the curb, permanently – that they should have no chance at all of getting back with their ex, period. This may echo the kind of of advice friends and family are giving you, especially if they were never fond of your ex.

Of course sometimes a cheating ex does deserve to be kicked to the curb, hard. But this kind of advice – that you should never give a cheating ex a second chance – is not helpful.

  • It is a “no ifs and buts” solution to a problem riddled with ifs and buts, not the least of which are, “But what if I still love my ex?” and, “If I get back with my ex will they cheat again?”
  • This cut-and-dry advice ignores the fact that many couples do get back together (and stay together very happily) after a partner has cheated.
  • It forgets that giving a second chance applies not just to the cheating ex but to the relationship. And the fact is, some relationships do deserve a second chance.

To decide if your cheating ex deserves a second chance, you need to keep an open mind and not be drawn into a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that they have cheated. Whatever decision you reach it has to be one you can live with so that you can truly move on, with or without your ex. And to make a sound decision you need balanced advice.

So, take this kind of advice about a cheating ex with a pinch of salt. Read it, but also read more thoughtful and, importantly, more realistic advice on getting back with a cheating ex.

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