Getting Him Back for Good, by Michael Webb – Review

Having an actual plan to get your boyfriend back, or husband, will really help you succeed at doing just that. After all, while I hope my articles on getting an ex boyfriend back helpful, I appreciate that it can be difficult to piece everything together into a plan.

This is where books about getting an ex back can really help. They eliminate much of the confusion about what you should be doing and when. But which is the best book for getting a boyfriend or husband back?

Getting Him Back by Michael Webb

Relationship expert Michael Webb's step-by-step plan for getting your boyfriend or husband back into your life - for good.

Just about any of our recommended books can help – they’re recommended for good reason! – but you’ll be pleased to see they include a plan especially for women: Getting Him Back For Good, by Michael Webb.

If you don’t know him already, Michael Webb is a well-known relationship expert, appearing on popular TV shows and in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Woman’s World (more examples at his website). So, he’s a great guy to have on your side when it come to getting your man back.

Michael gives you real-life advice for a real chance of success

With 16 books under his belt, one of the reasons Michael Webb’s expertise is valued is that it’s firmly rooted in reality. (This is a “must have” characteristic I look for myself when assessing tools that “promise” to help get an ex back.) In fact, Michael’s dead-set against books and guides that make big promises based on “band-aid” solutions and, not surprisingly, fail to deliver.

What Michael Webb does promise is that Getting Him Back For Good will give you solid, realistic guidance that really does give you the very best chance possible of getting your ex back.

With this in mind, Getting Him Back For Good has a strong focus on really getting to grips with the reality of your situation.

  • Firstly, you’ll answer various questions that dig deep into the real reasons you want your husband or boyfriend back, and whether they are valid reasons. I particularly like this – it’s a critical aspect of getting an ex back that’s often underplayed. Finding out that getting him back is not the best thing for you after all can save you a great deal of trouble and heartache. On the other hand, feeling sure that it is, is a great motivator.
  • Then, you’ll  assess  yourself, your ex, your relationship and exactly what went wrong.
  • The end result of this assessment is that you can then take steps to get your ex back feeling confident it’s what you really want and knowing exactly what needs fixing – both of which will really boost your chances of success.
  • Getting Him Back For Good helps with the fixing too, showing you what to do as well as what not to do. Helpful examples are included, including some sample interactions with an ex. From feedback we know that some people find the sample conversations hard to copy. The idea is not to copy them but to soak up the “essence” of what works and what doesn’t.

As well as the actual guide – Getting Him Back for Good – Michael’s strategy includes two “real value” companion books:  Keep Your Marriage and 101 Romantic Ideas.

Keep Your Marriage includes questions that decide if it’s possible to save your marriage (or serious relationship), as well as the top deal-busting mistakes, key marriage-saving strategies, and more. 101 Romantic Ideas complements the Romance elements of Michael Webb’s Getting Him Back. Yes, guys like romance too!

What’s the bottom line on Getting Him Back?

All-in-all, Michael Webb’s Getting Her Back For Good is a good solid “fluff-free” strategy with the added benefit that it’s especially for women – for getting your ex-boyfriend back, or your husband.

For some, the heavier-than-usual focus on assessment – on analyzing what you really want, your relationship and exactly what went wrong – may be a bit “slow.”

But it’s also a key reason why Getting Him Back sets you up with a strong chance of success. And I think too that feeling that we really understand a situation – all the nitty-gritty  “whys and wherefores ” – is something that women in particular value as a “first step” to making change.

Michael Webb’s Getting Him Back For Good is available to download instantly and backed by a 60-day “no questions asked” 100% money-back guarantee – try it risk free!

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